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Counselling Service

Support and motivation during the process
of recovery from an Eating Distress.

For someone recovering from an Eating Distress, the journey to full freedom is one of self discovery.The sufferer’s mind is extremely receptive to suggestions at this critical time, and his or her concentration is sporadic, therefore distraction helps the person get through the hardest of times. Carework provides the person with spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional support. It is an opportunity to give the person hope and motivation that full freedom from an Eating Distress is possible. Carework works in conjunction with the sufferer attending a therapist for Eating Distress. It provides space for the sufferer to process, question and learn from someone who has gone through the journey of recovery. Within the carework session the sufferer can see what it is to live freely and in turn it nurtures courage and reassurance to recover from their Eating Distress.I went through the process of recovery from an Eating Distress and now live a fully recovered and fully free Life. I never thought during all my years of living with an Eating Distress that full recovery was possible, but it is. Through therapy and Carework I always felt supported and reassured as I journeyed to full Freedom,now I am grateful to call myself fully free. I received my Carework training with the Marino Institute for Eating Distress Dublin.
Carework sessions are available through the Marino Institute for Eating Distress, and Nirvana Therapy Centre Limerick.Contact can be made via the details below.
Love and Laughter,
Emer Healy Murphy
Limerick: Catherine O’Grady:

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