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Eating Disorders

Trying to overcome any condition is a very difficult task. It takes courage, strength, determination and time. It also takes a lot of effort and practice when introducing new attitudes and behaviours. The following are a few suggestions which you may find helpful. They are not a substitute for a health care professional.

1 Let go of diet mentality. Ask yourself has it ever really worked for you……following some calorie counting programme devised by someone else to suit your body, your appetite or your lifestyle.
2 Let go of good food, bad food mentality.
3 Let go of striving to reach perfect weight or perfect body.
1  Never under estimate the power of our inner dialogue…….Become aware of your inner critic.
2 Understand the importance of nurturing the body.
3 Recognise physical hunger and apply the principle of eating when hungry and stopping when full.
4 Recognise emotional hunger and nurture yourself with something other than food.
5 Understand that you are made up of mind body and spirit……….stop focusing on superficial looks.
6 Eat to satisfy yourself…eating with your senses also…… colourful food……different textures……..different tastes and smells

1 No one recovers using harshness or cruelty.
2 Everyone is individual and unique: so is your body and appetite. Discover what foods suit you, what keeps you satisfied and what feels good in your body.
3 Practice eating slowly and mindfully.
4 Stop when you have eaten enough and learn to leave food on your plate.
5 Do not use food as your only source of pleasure in life: learn to self-nurture and bring joy and fulfilment to life.
6 Treat yourself with respect and do not abuse food……eat as if someone was present with you
7 Do not deprive yourself of food……remember depriving and restricting may lead to binging.

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