Eating Disorders

Eating Distress is a disease where the mind culminates all of the negative assumptions the person has about him or herself. The negative mind becomes more powerful than the positives mind and has much more influence on the person’s thinking feeling and behaviour. This state of mind develops subconsciously and the person is not always aware that they are victims of this negative condition.

This condition is extremely abusive and manifests itself with highly self-destructive symptoms in which an eating disorder is one. All eating disorders are manifestations of one basic condition… Eating  distress. There are many medical complications with eating disorders. Because of this a sufferer would need to consult with a medical doctor.


Have You An E.D.

The following are some of the more common symptoms of an eating disorder

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Who Suffers From E.Ds

Eating disorders can affect women, men, boys and girls. There is not a definitive cause for an eating disorder and their symptoms are extremely varied.

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Warning Signs Of E.Ds

If you feel you may be developing an eating disorder or have concerns someone you love is; the following are some of the changes that may occur.

Men & E.Ds

There is a myth that only teenage girls and women suffer from eating disorders. Men are also under huge pressure to strive for a perfect body .

Consequences Of An E.D.

The consequences of an eating disorder vary greatly from person to person. Because of the serious nature of an eating disorder it is always necessary for a medical doctor to be involved in the treatment of an eating disorder.

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Binge & Purge

Many eating disorder sufferers binge and purge. An episode of binging may occur for a host of reasons; purging usually occurs to rid the body of food to avoid weight gain.

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