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Your First Step On The Road To Recovery

First of all let me say confidentiality is guaranteed. I treat all disclosures with respect in a non-judgemental way. Very often people are anxious, frightened, unsure of what is going to take place….they wonder will they be asked a lot of questions or will they be asked to share their inner most secrets. Let me assure you; this will not happen. A therapeutic space provides a safe environment for a person to explore their life. This exploration is done at a safe pace so as not to exacerbate anxiety.  Once a relationship is established I teach people life coping skills such as assertiveness, mindfulness, acceptance of themselves and others. I help them understand their limitations and develop their potentials.  This is often done by exploring thought processes under the principle …our thoughts create our life.  Self love, acceptance and understanding is also very much part of the therapeutic process; for when we begin to truly care for ourselves our lives change for the better. I encourage clients to become empowered in their own lives. The more empowered we are; the more choices we have. Recovery is about making life enhancing changes. It is about helping us to make wise decisions that help us lead a happy fulfilled life. I understand and respect that all people are individual and unique and offer a host of different therapies tailored to meet your needs

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